Minister Steinitz: “Abu Mazen is World’s Number 1 Anti-Semite”

By on January 30, 2014

Speaking at the INSS (The Institute for National Security Studies) annual series yesterday Minister of Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz, stated that PA Chairman Mahmud Abbas is today the world’s greatest anti-Semite.

“After Ahmadinejad’s dissention Abu Mazen is the world’s Number 1 anti-Semitic leader.

There is an anti-Semitic subtext prevalent throughout the Palestinian Authority’s curriculum and the children programs. The subtext is very clear – the State of Israel and the Jews should be destroyed. Abbas does not actively finance terror, but he who denied the Holocaust now denies the existence of a Jewish Nation and its right to a state.”

Relating to the current peace negotiations, Steinitz said: “I wish to voice our truth: There is no peace process. If an agreement is signed with the Palestinian Authority, it will be a diplomatic agreement, not a peace agreement. There can be no peace agreement until the Palestinian education system changes. Indeed, there is no leader in the world who incites against Israel and against the Jewish people like Abu Mazen” he said.

 “The diplomatic process does not guarantee good security arrangements. No one can guarantee that what happened in the past elsewhere, for example in Gaza, Lebanon, and cities in the West Bank, cannot reoccur in Shechem as well. We must work to guarantee our security – and not rely on the Palestinian Authority,” he added.

Abu mazen / Yuvan Steinitz

Steinitz called on Abbas to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, adding: “Such recognition would not eliminate the incitement and poison being trickled to the younger Palestinian generation, but it would serve as a basis for a dialogue.”

By Aryeh Savir | Tazpit News Agency

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  1. Yechiel

    January 30, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    Power is the goal of all anti-Semites. They claim to worship G-d, and some may, but His word is not accepted; even when it is in their own sacred writings. Abbas is no different, and it is going to take Israel having to fight and defeat these barbarians and absorbing the territories into Israel. Also, it shall take a change of procedure in war, to get the point across. Palestinians murder their own children and no one says a word. Israel protects it’s people, including Muslims and Christians, and people of other faiths, some collateral damage, and the UN jumps on Israel. Even a representative of Israel speaking at the UN Human Rights forum and showing facts to back up what he says, is told that the forum shall not tolerate any more outbursts like his. The key here is simple; “Please do not confuse me with facts!” G-d, at Sinai, gave the only Mandate that matters, and it is for ever. So we wait until Israel wakes up and deals with these barbarians as they should. The world will not. I say; “GOOH” Get Out of Our House!”