Report: Leaked Peace Talks Guidelines Call for International Status for Jerusalem

By on August 14, 2013

A Palestinian newspaper published a document Tuesday it claimed to be Palestinian Authority guidelines for the upcoming peace talks with Israel.

Published by Palestine Today, an organ of the Islamic Jihad terror group, the list was flagged by anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon who translated the 10 touchstone points of the talks.

The list includes the following key items:  Land swaps of roughly 8-10% of the territory of the West Bank; residents in “frozen” settlements will be given the choice of citizenship at the conclusion of the process; Jerusalem will be placed under joint international, Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian rule for ten years with Israelis being given the choice as to their nationality.

While it is unclear how the document was leaked, Elder of Ziyon claimed that it could have possibly been from Russian sources. The Palestine Today report also points to Hamas, which is not party to Wednesday’s talks, as being the source of the information.

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Photo: State Department.

Via the Algemeiner